Geristore ®

Resin-Ionomer Restorative Material

DenMat Geristore Promo
Geristore Syringeable Kit
Only $144.50!
$170 List Price - You SAVE $25.50*
Includes 1 - 10g syringe and tips.


Geristore’s features make it ideal for over 15 applications

For tissue reattachment and unmatched versatility, experience Geristore! This versatile restorative solution allows clinicians to treat a variety of issues, simply and reliably. Geristore is a self-adhesive, fluoride releasing, resin-modified glass ionomer that you will find yourself using everyday.

Tissue reattaches to Geristore as it would to natural tooth structure
Self-Adhesive. No etch, bond or mix
Bonds, even in the moist field
Releases fluoride
Dual-cure ensures complete polymerization